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The boss is back
It’s not dawn, yet he reeks of everything dark
Staggering footsteps pounds the floor
Sadly it sounds like my thudding heartbeat

In no time, he calls for me …
He needs no glass of water or food
But my body crucified bare and plain
He grabs my hair and a horsewhip flashes across my eyes

The air feels dense with mad insanity on rise
The night stinks of disgusting cruelty and animosity
It’s just a matter of time, stage and phase
Baby girl is battered and shoved to a cold corner

Watch him snore his deeds away
Watch her nurse the sores in tears
Watch them count her scars and laugh
Watch us pretend it’s all a dream

Silence…. He is back again

Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!