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Sizzling sounds of robust brown beef
Shakki and its close related friends
Speaking in hisses and splatter from a
Simmering sauce of rich creamy broth

Seasoned in time with thyme onions and salt
Stocked with dry and fresh pieces of sea
Scintillating veggies in hues of green
Spiced with red chilies delighting heat

Shreded okra slimly popping out white seeds
Seducing my appetite in a wet war of saliva
Savoring this scene of delicacies
Such yum sight to gladly behold

Straight from mama’s kitchen
Soul food for body and mind
Swallowed down with balls of grains
See this marriage of soul food

Slightly leaves the mouth with
Stinging zing and after taste of
Sheer glee and echoes of thank you
“Sweetie”, not just for cooking but

Serving your soul on a plate..

Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!