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Who is this woman?

Bantering and harping

Taunting and mocking

Prancing and swearing

Henpecking the man that wed locked her willingly

Throwing abuse in the air as if it’s some sweet smelling sacrifice and gift

Shouting down the ears that abetted and inspired her climaxed moans most nights

Who is this woman that have sold her shame and pride?

Belittling the man that once stood tall above the rest

Pointing carelessly to the face she once beheld with love, esteem and warmth

Emitting profanities that made a motherfucking queen pass for a saint

If a soothsayer had ever told Ada that she was capable of this savagery, she would have labeled him/her a witch, but there she is, head on, bashing her husband of five years, yelling her lungs out to the amusement of onlookers and passersby.By the time she got rid of the insanity that obviously held her captive, she was sorely disappointed in herself.

How could she?

She has always prided herself as a very classic woman. Having been brought up; a broad-formal girl with real life education. She was taught from an early age on how, when and where to talk especially matters sensitive as this.

She knows to be respectful of her elders so what was she doing in the middle of the road like a sun beaten roadside artist putting up a show- a show down of a man ten years his senior, her own husband whom she swore to honor and respect till death?

A depressed mood overcame her little frame as she realized how gross her misconduct was, may she never see the day when she will throw caution to the wind like this again she muttered under heavy breath as she did the walk of shame away from the small crowd that had gathered around to her car leaving her husband mouth agape in awe of her pure ferociousness.

As she drove away, flashes of her life as a single lady engaged her thoughts, she let out a sigh, drops of tears ran down her cheeks as she mourned the death of the girl she used to be.

She was once the girl who drank a cup of happy every morning and a glass of peace every night, she was always with a smile, talked very softly and could never be caught dead wearing animosity of any kind, no matter the design and cost.

She was peppy and bubbly, always positive and saw no evil in others -a peaceful soul that believed every moment to be pleasurably

Even on her worst days, she wore a hat of happiness with hilarity and delight.

It would seem that from birth, she was blessed with a personal daemon whose noblest goal was to breed joy where ever she went and that was how she bagged the title “the chic with no qualms” amongst her friends and colleagues yet, today, she has debased that title with reckless abandon all because of what?

She cannot even remember what led her to act like a newly mad woman on wheels and heels.

Before now, she will not have believed that her tender heart was capable of harboring anger as black as night. If her clenched knuckled fist and words were turned into action, she was very certain her husband would have been buried twelve feet under.

Could it be true, the saying, “marriage brings out the best/worst in people”? For lately, her worst side has been peeking out and slowly creeping out looking every bit ugly.

Ever since she caught her husband red handed with his mistress, something snapped inside of her, she hardly can recognize herself no matter how hard she tried.

It’s almost like every fiber that made up her sweet soul was switched by an evil twin, the unkind thought birthed in her head was enough to make a priest doubt her humanity and to think that few hours ago before, she was in church, worshiping and praying in tongues so loud and now she is reeling out “F” words like a hymn.

Gosh! The devil must be very confused and surprised at her twisted nature.

She knew she could not bear to look herself in the mirror and smile if she stuck around, as it is; she is always flipping out in the slightest, their conversation always end in big blow ups, while the few long heartfelt talks never changed anything for the better.

Quite worrisome is the fact that her thoughts these days are just a little short of a horror movie- of revenge, and requite. If the angel of death could see her now, he will doff off a hat to her.

In short, she is extremely emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically overawed.

Since his infidelity, she has become too angry, shrill and pushy, acting with no clarity and intelligent like an old frustrated boss that has not gotten “some” in a while.

What hurts her most is that his infidelity was not merely sexual for she belonged to the school of thought that believes the penis cannot be tamed and as such never expected monogamy but for him to secretly confess love to another woman while they were still in marriage was unforgivable.

Women like her don’t deserve to be cheated on for they love wholly and hard, she is not unnecessarily jealous, neither was she lacking anything in the women’s department fact is, she is to die for as she was also every inch an epitome of an ideal wife and mother, a blend of beauty and brains.

Truth be told, she still loves her husband but she can’t help but see him as an “all-out monster” their marriage now seems as cold as the artic and no matter how she wants to forget by turning his acts into a joke, she often is left aggravated wondering how long the joke have been on her.

There and then, she decided to forgive him not because of the countless sermons preached- she finally succumbed to the truth,Hate is way too big a burden her sweet self cannot afford to bear and clearly a distraction to her ultimate goal.

She will instead channel her energy towards loving herself more regardless of her loveless marriage. Yes, that is what it comes down to “her” she needs to love herself back to that young girl who was once “the chic with no qualms”

She took out her phone and dialed her husband

This has to stop; I want a divorce she whispered in that soft happy voice of hers.

Though her faith and Church do not agree, she figures, it will be a shame and great injustice to God who by the way is full of grace if she destroys what’s left of her soul and repute to a cheat of a man.

Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!