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Flora could not believe her eyes for the umpteenth time.
She could not fathom why her husband would say such words to another woman, these same words were the backbone of their relationship over the years and now, just like that ,these words holds no meaning anymore.

“Dear Kelly, I love you and I am anxiously waiting to see you, here is an airtime for your phone recharge and I will send some money
soon kisses and take care”.

How could he? How dare he send money meant for her and the children to another woman? she did not know which to tackle first, for not only was he cheating on her, but he is also expanding resources and time meant for her to a complete stranger.

This is wrong on so many scales.
This was a man who has not adequately taken care of her and their children, many times have they denied themselves just so they could manage the little they had.

How could he repay their understanding and patience with such sin?
Flora knew, she has never been a good judge of character but this, this was beyond her, so many times has she swallowed her pride and asked friends for help with school fees, and some of her own needs just to help him out.

She was overwhelmed with anger when she remembered that just two days ago, he had driven her to a friend’s house to scrounge a gown for a concert she was to attend and he never saw anything wrong with it, how much could it have cost him to buy her one especially as that was her first request in the year.

A part of her didn’t want to believe it but she also knew that denial isn’t just a river in Egypt for indeed, that was her husband’s hand writing, and signature on the little piece of paper, she can recognize it even in her sleep.
Many thoughts ran through her muddled mind

Thoughts like…could she have committed a big mistake by marrying him in the first place? She knew she had married him out of love and well… of sympathy too but if she knew he would be fine without her, she would not have let him wife her.

Her mind raced back to the times when they dated and the many worthy rich suitors that had asked for her hand in marriage but she would not have it.

Her parents had tried to tell her that sometimes, love is not just enough and that she needed someone with financial stability but she wanted to prove them wrong. She has read so many romantic novels where wealth could not compare to love and love, that was all she needed.

Somehow she convinced herself that her knight in shining armor must not come riding a horse. He could come walking barefoot, for as long as he is sworn to love only her.
She was a simple girl, her needs were not pricy and she will made sure not to ask anything above his means.

Also, she did not want him to suffer the same fate like his older brother who got jilted few weeks to his marriage.
She wanted to break that jinx and that was why even when she had her doubts and asked God for a sign, she still was blind to it.

She remembered few weeks before his proposal, he had met another man who was so keen to know about her, he was different and he did stir
something in her. Something she has wondered up till today if that was the sign she has prayed for.

She tried to imagine what her life would have been without him, but she could not, she has known him for like ever, while he was not her
first love, he was the first man she had loved spirit, soul and body.

She felt like she was her missing rib from the first times they fell in love, how wrong she was, for many reasons, she could not come to terms with this discovery.

She thought about confronting him but she lacked the courage to do so not out of fear but of the truth. His truth will not only hurt her but it will shatter everything she believed about love.

Love, what is that anyway? A make believe? A lie?

From what she has read from the many love stories in books, they have similar beginning and ending, “boy meets girl and they live happily ever after” so what’s happening with her love story?

Where did her happily ever after go?

What’s happening to her home, the home that was the envy of most of her friends?

What happened to the man, who vowed to her on their wedding night to forever make her proud of him?

What has happened to the love they once shared with so much happiness and contentment?

This betrayal has not only put a question mark on everything he ever told her but it has cast a dark shadow on all their plans as a family.

Only God knows how long this has been going on.
she blames herself for been so naive, she was not the type to snoop around or try to know much more than was told to her. She never fussed about anything, she has always known that her mother was right, she often told her to get herself involved with her husband’s business but to no avail.

Flora knew, there is no point blaming herself.
she has always been this way, she gave him space and trusted wholeheartedly. She read through the letter one last time and with all the courage in her, she tore it into little tiny pieces along with it, the love she once felt for him.

Something died in her that day.
This thin line between love and hate was crossed, it was too late to change her mind, she could not see herself in his past or future. She just could not see love or anything that looked like it.

Love as she knows it, is dead.

Now, she is left with the heavy weight of his truth, and the secret she has come to know, hanging on her beclouded empty heart.

Though she has every right to question him and get angry at him, she decided to let him be, she knew she could not allow her heart to rule her head. If it was just her, she could opt out and leave the cheater alone but they have their children and she has vowed to secure their future against all odds.

Revenge, they say is a dish best served cold and now hell hath no fury than the wrath that has fully taken residence in her soul

She made her way to the bedroom where he laid fast asleep, seeing him sprawled helplessly on the bed that way reminded her of a scary movie she had seen. A wife had tied her cheating husband to the bed poles as he slept and violently cut off his penis, there was so much blood that she literally threw up in her mouth.

Flora blinked in an effort to forget the scene her mind displayed for she was not ready to bury the bones of their relationship yet.

At least, not tonight…

She watched him draw peaceful breath from his sleep and wondered what will happen to their world if she decides to feast her fist on his face.

Easy Flora, she muttered to herself and shaking her head in an attempt to erase the evil that was slowly forming in her mind

She had no strength in her to say the “lord’s prayer,”

Our father, who art in he..

Choked up with tears, her self-esteem plummets as she drifts off to sleep….

Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!


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