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The Abuja hash is considered a family hash/adult hash and done at your own risk. This means the hash is family orientated until the final circle after the run/walk has taken place.

The final circle features adult language. Notice that the trails can be quite difficult for some individuals and children. Trails are usually in hilly, bushy terrain and anywhere from 4-8 km.

Children should be accompanied with a supervising adult. There is one running trail and one walking/hiking trail that is set by hares. Hares are the 4-6 volunteers, who choose a location and set the trails. Part of the tradition and fun is for the hashers to not know the trail and route.

Hashers follow a trail of shred laid by the hares the morning of the hash. The rules on the hash: There are no rules, only tradition. . Hashers should be respectful of traditions

After the hash, there is a chop site. Chop is chosen before the hash and is usually a buffet style restaurant. Cost is 2,000 Naira and you should notify hash cash before leaving Durban park so we can give the restaurant an accurate head count.

It holds every two weeks all around.

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