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I want to know what it feels like to have it all just for once.
I want to understand what being extremely rich.
Imagine no money problems at all.
I often wondered will I talk or walk different?
Will my food taste better?
Will my mindset and perception change?

I see them from afar
Their picture together will surely make a perfect backdrop for any romantic novel
It was a fact,the grass was greener at their side.

Their tales of fun /adventure made a mockery of the rich and famous and i’m quite certain without any shadow of doubt that all the celebrities put together can not even scratch the surface of their income no matter how hard they tried.

The world was their playground
I hear their laughter so strong and loud.
It’s ringing echoes left my ears partially deaf like an old school bell.

Look at her I often said to no one in particular
She looks so hot even mercury can not compete gosh!
All that jewels on one person is enough to make the ice queen herself melt with envy .

My four wheels together with my house and all my savings does not even equal to the diamonds on her neck.
It was a rare gem.
She wore it daily with pride and was quick to let you that it was one of the many birthday gifts bestowed on her by her billionaire husband.

Oh what a sweetheart!
she will always add while gently massaging the huge national treasure sitting on her very robust neck with her right hand also exposing the big rock sitting on her freshly painted index finger in the process.

But one day, as she walked across her luscious green lawn,towards her garage that showcased her customized Bentley among many others, she collapsed.

I was the first to notice and as I rushed to help her up
she grabbed my hand so tightly it hurt and as I tried to let go she drew me closer and whispered in a voice that I’m sure was capable of turning the most pleasant dreams into a horrid nightmare.

“I think my husband wants to kill me, he must have poisoned my tea this morning”
Five minutes later
she gave up the ghost!!

Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!


  1. simon steven

    November 18, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    This is so cool
    You write great from just this wonderful piece I’ve read…
    Now I guess ice queen won’t like to melt
    So also mercury won’t like to compete..

    I admire this wonderful creation.

    • Vivian Belford

      November 19, 2015 at 7:14 am

      Thank you simon steven, i’m glad you like it.