Super Man

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A week ago I received a frantic call from my younger sister. Amidst sobs she told me that daddy is very sick and he had just asked to be taken to the hospital. Now, that was news to me! My dad has never been sick, ill, or even tired. He is a very strong man who took care of every other person and never once did he complain of a headache.  In my eyes, his amazing feats of strength can save the world from any impending doom.

You see, my dad is not that guy who criticizes everything you do or who never admits he’s wrong in front of you. He equally did not earn the title “Daddy” because he was the guy who ejaculated my siblings and me into my mom.

No dad is so much more than that. My dad is kind and loving and often he knows when something is weighing on your mind. Indeed he is the guiding light that taught us wrong from right as his words and deeds conveyed. That’s my Dad- he listens, suggests, and defends,He’s my Superman!

I quickly dumped what I was doing and dashed out to see him whilst memories flooded my thought.

And then came thoughts of my first day at school. I was so scared and would not go even after all the shopping for new shoes, bags etc.

As we approached the school gate I held on strong to him but he calmed me down with these words “go on child, I will be right here waiting.” True to his words, at the close of school that day, he was standing right at the gate with the ice-cream he bought for me melting and running down his hands.

My dad’s presence was so strong even in his absence; the fact that he owned his own business also made his schedule flexible. He did the school runs, gave us baths, and fed us lunch even though we had in-house helps.

And even while mum was at work, dad took care of us. He made sure we did our homework and most importantly, that I was never bullied by my two elder brothers who sometimes were jealous of Dad’s preferential treatment of me.

No doubt, by now, you can tell that I am a daddy’s girl; a badge I wear with pride! Lol!

So as I raced to see him, my heart raced as well. I was distressed and uneasy throughout the time I navigated the contours on the road to his house.

But I eventually got there and to my dismay, dad was ill.

As I greeted him, all I could see was a frail, pale and completely drained man. We went straight to the hospital where they ran tests on him. They gave him vitamins and asked us to come back later for the result.

We decided to have lunch while we waited for the result. But dad couldnot eat. He told me also that he could not sleep either.  He looked every bit skinner than normal and indeed a shell of his former self.

I looked at him and what stared back at me was soul-less eyes. I almost could not recognise this man.

Where is my superman!

What happened to the strong man I adore!!

Where is the man who is always on guard, alert and firm!!!

These thoughts occupied my thinking and unsettled me as we drove back to the hospital.

And then the bad news- Dad was diagnosed of malaria and ulcer. A combination that kept him awake through nights, even against his will.

The doctor prescribed medications and gave us hope that everythingis fine and that Dad would be okay if we are careful with what he eats at his “age now”.

As I drove home from the hospital, the doctor’s words echoed in my mind…“At his age now…”

…“At his age now…”…“At his age now…” I repeated to myself. He is only 67years old. Oh my! It just dawned on me; my dad is getting old and older by the day!

As much as I know that ageing is a natural thing, I wish that immortality was an option. But I guess I have no stake in such bargain but no matter how many more years Dad gets to live, I will never be ready to say goodbye.

My dad is much better now and I am happy about that. I can’t wait to have my superman back,for now I’m going to pretend that he is on leave and will resume duty soon.

Truth is! I don’t see any retirement in the future for Daddy. He is used to work! Work!! Work!!!

I came upon this poem byRon Tranmer,It captures everything my dad is…


There He Stands by

He stands for all that’s good,

and for everything that’s right.

When life seems dark and dreary,

he stands as a beacon of light.

 He’s respected by all who know him.

Loved by his family.

His honour is beyond question.

He’s a man of integrity.

He stands as a great example.

The best anyone ever had.

He stands tall, above them all.

There he stands…My Dad.


Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!