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“They see me rolling; they hate it, patrolling, they trying to catch me riding dirty!” Ever heard of that song? It was sung by Chamillionaire referring to his escapades with cops. I used to rock this song without understanding its meaning until some of my girlfriends started acting up leading to the demise of almost a decade of friendship.

It seems so unreal, how we became complete strangers, my once BFFs.

What led to this animosity, enmity and hostility?

I can’t quite recall why I never saw this fake friendship for what it was, not even once did I anticipate it or even believe it though it was so glaring.

Have you ever had a struggle letting go of a situation that you shouldn’t have been in the first place, because it’s not like it was such a good relationship – It was not always reliable or even helpful.Most times, if anything, it was just predictable that they will always be there and so you became very comfortable with the nonsense up to a point where it almost ruined you.

That was my relationship with two of my ex-friends whom I met during my time in the university.Obviously, what started out as cordial apparently was not mutual- You see; Rita and Denise are very beautiful like me.We loved the same things-we were often in the same place at the same time so it was natural to assume that we had same dreams and hopes.

Besides, as students we were either struggling academically, financially, emotionally or all three at once. How could they afford the time and energy to hurt me in the worst way possible?Several times have I accepted their pleas and “sorry Viv, I didn’t mean to hurt you”.

Little did I know that it was all BS!

How can I forget my ordeal during our final year in school? I held a small party in my room to celebrate our success and friendship. Of course, I was very tired after having had too much to drink. I woke up the next day nauseous and no memory of how the party ended but not long after that,I also broke out with rashes and burns on my face and body.

I ended up in the hospital and days later, I found out that my body cream was poisoned with some kind of acid as was my drink.

Who is this cold hearted creature?

Who dared to scar and probably maim me?

I could tell from their performance amid their denials that they are guilty as hell. Yet I let it fly. I didn’t want this to be the end of our so called relationship.

Not so many years ago, we used to get all dressed up for fun things; most times the fun was more in getting dressed up than the events. We talked about everything on the surface of the world. You name it: men, hair, clothes,shoes etc. Not necessary in that order *winks*.

Imagine the surprise, shock and disappointment years later, when two weeks to my wedding I realised that they have both been preoccupied with something else other than my well- being, bridal shower and wedding?

Somehow a picture from that night surfaced and found its way to my fiancé s house. In it, I was now in a very compromising position with some strange guy as well.My saving grace was that hubby was an I.T expert and he could tell-that picture was doctored. Somehow, he had always known- they were no good at all.

Some people are just the devil themselves; I swear if you look closely you will see two iniquitous eyes and two evil horns growing out of their heads. They can smile and laugh with you sincerely with all 32 yet, plotting your downfall.


You can’t trick me anymore I know it’s nothing but a mask.

Once I recovered from their betrayal, I quickly took them off my Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry.There is no need for any monitoring spirits.      *Delay is dangerous*

The relief and happiness I felt afterwards was so genuine, I knew for the second time in my life, I had taken the right major decision, the first being marrying hubby of course.

No doubt, friendship is one of those things that make life meaningful. When you have a friend to unburden to, sorrow seems more bearable, and pleasures more intense.

Yes, I can’t deny it- everything seems better when you have a friend to stake it with.

Not too long ago, we laughed and shared it all, we were the very best of friends or at least that’s what I thought… to think that I even introduced them to others as my sisters. *SMH*

I should have gone with my gut feelings and shut them out of my life way back in school before I got twirled in fully.“Indeed, when someone shows you their true colour, don’t ever try painting a different picture”.

While it’s very true that our friends are the ones we imagined to stand by us through thick and thin, “like a bridge over troubled waters” after all, if we cannot count on our friends to pull us through, then who can we count on?

Yet it’s even truer that just like everything else under the face of the earth, nothing lasts forever and alas, the F in BFF may not stand for “forever”

Most recently, I have lost another two. One practically cried her eyes out on my birthday when she could not hide her envy at my joy and happiness. The other one tried setting me up with her so called boyfriend knowing fully well that I am married. I hope this is the last of it because judging the rate at which I’m losing friends….. hmmm!

But with friends like those, who needs enemies? Besides I’m getting too old to be hanging out with people who can’t understand the concept of loyalty.

I’m happy that they are out of my life, at least now I know whom to trust and whom not to. I’m confident in my decision though I should have made it years before now.

*Better late than never!*

I thank them for this experience; it has left me stronger, wiser and happier to say the least

*The hardest steel is made with the hottest fire right?*

This betrayal and its shadowy events have taught me the value of true friendship. Now I have a better appreciation for those who are there in truth and in spirit-every once in a while, I evaluate the people in my life, then promote, demote or terminate as I see fit.

*I am the CEO of my life after all.*

To all the two faced bitches out there!

I bet you don’t even know that Envy is one of the seven deadly sins recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. Duh!

PS      Though jealousy and envy are considered emotions,

It is also a disorder

Go find yourself a doctor! Or better still,

(C’fess up and get saved)

Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!