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The idea of death is something we don’t often want to discuss even though we are reminded of it every now and then. I think of the day I will die and leave this earth forever, I wonder if it will happen so suddenly that I won’t have time to reflect on my life here,or will it happen slowly and avail me the time to put things in order and opportunity to call up my friends, families, loved ones and say some last words to them, knowing me, I probably will pull some pranks on them too.

You know everybody takes a dying person serious! Lol. Joke apart; there is something very serious about death though.

Being a “mystique” at heart, I have a great affinity on the concept of death. Can you imagine how many people just took their last breath today or the night before, were they prepared, did they know it was time up. Was it a struggle to let go or were they pleased to cross over to the other side. (Where ever that is!)Though I’m not afraid of death, yet I’m curious about it, is it a long process? Are there stages in death? Is death really dreadful or is it the something after death that should be feared. What really is our fear of death?  Does everything really end with it?

Questions, questions, questions, but the truth about death is that no matter how much of it we know or don’t know, it does not  change the fact that it is going to happen one day so why the curiosity you may ask? Have I finished living that I’m now thinking of death? No way, it is, however, a reality that is certain, one that is unchangeable, permanent, infinite, and ultimate. It exists whether or not you talk about it, research on it and despite if you choose to ignore it or as in my own case write about it. Our perception of it has no effect on it.

I think about death leading events that unfold around the world every day, plane crashes, car accidents, terrorism, natural disasters, brief illness, suicide and even old age etc. I realised that no matter how we plan our lives to be, death has a plan for us all and we may not have a say in it. But I must admit, knowing that I could die before my life’s greatest ambitions are fulfilled frightens me and phrases like “live everyday as if it were your last” is just impossible, how do I fit everything I hope to achieve in  this lifetime in just a day? Hellooooo!

I lost my favourite Uncle early this year (may God rest his soul) and I had to go pay my last respect before he was committed to mother earth. Standing there looking at his body so stiff was really surreal. I could not believe this was my uncle; he had a larger than life attitude and was very chatty when he was alive so it was strange for me seeing him that way silent! I looked at his face but I couldn’t make anything of it he did not give off any emotion so I cannot tell if he was content, happy or satisfied with life when he died. Was this what he envisioned his death to be like?

When I think of my death I see a very old lady, retired and chilling in an island somewhere in Fiji totally fulfilled and accomplished without any care or worries who hopefully would die peacefully in her sleep, after a very good meal, complemented by a spicy cocktail and some juicy gossip.

Oh! How I wish I could bargain with death so that at least when it comes for me, it will be kind enough to let me go with a smile! Aaah! Sweet death!

Let me not bore you with philosophy, science and religious stories about death, and life after death it does not matter what happens after death I know I will cross that bridge when I get there.  So I made up my mind to live this life without regrets, for you just don’t know when “life’s collector” will come knocking for indeed, death is a true phenomenon which everyone should not negate. The truism of death is as true as human existence. I am of the opinion that a denial of the existence of death is a denial of the existence of life. We say life is because death is. The concept of life is influenced by the concept of death.

Is death scary? Yes. Do I want to die ever? Capital NO! Do I believe in life after death?You bet, in fact it had better be, I must be able to carry on with blogging at the other side o! lol.

Regardless of our fears, there is the underlying truth that death constantly brings to the fore.

These were my colleagues’ answers to the question:

What is your concept of death?

Are you prepared, scared or indifferent?  Enjoy!


Oseh: God forbid! I know I will not die anytime soon , I have been close to death more than once that I just knew that I’m still alive for a purpose  I don’t think about death it will come when God permits it.

Yes Sister!

Kingsley: Death is an enemy that you can’t negotiate with. I would not want to die but I know someday i will. I don’t know what death wants so I can’t make peace or be prepared for it.   Very bold I must say!

Eunice: with a very surprised look she shot back at me, What Death? I laughed and answered “The Death”, then she took a very long breath and calmly answered, when death comes it comes. It’s not a struggle for me; I’m more concerned on living right so that I will have my peace at the end.

Safiya: I think about death everyday especially when I look at my husband, the idea of separating from him is just torture. No I don’t think I will ever make peace with death, not because I’m   afraid of death as it is certain but I am really scared of what happens after : the fear of the unknown. Yeah so true!

Austin: Oh God! I don’t think about death but I’m okay if it comes for me from 70-95 years of age. I will be totally at peace with it then. Boy! That’s my prayer too.

Blessing: Ahh hmm well! It is what it is I just hope it doesn’t happen so suddenly I always like to be prepared before embarking on any journey! <strong>A big amen to that girl! Who doesn’t?

Ada: it doesn’t matter when death comes for me;death cannot define us any more than life can.Death is just the final act of accepting the truth of what we are. Which is? I asked her, and she gave me this nervous look, with both hands thrown up in the air, she made a wave like movement with her fingers and whispered S-P-I-r-I-t S.   I <strong>swear I had goose pimples all over! Lol

Jeremiah:I believe I have a say in death, and I can tell you now I will die at a very old age after I have lived out my purpose on earth, we all have our path as ordained by God alone and you die once you lose your focus and purpose in life.


I don’t believe in death. I don’t believe dying is something one has to do. And I don’t believe anything is lost at death. All that dies is a body.

Yeah Big deal right!

maybe there’s an afterlife, maybe there isn’t, I don’t give a sh*t. All I know is that I live, and that I like it. Death is death, it’s something that happens. We don’t know what it’s like and won’t know until we experience it.


After hearing all these, need I say more?

End of discussion.



To the queen of Comedy! (Joan Rivers)

AT 81, I believe that death was really very kind to you

It doesn’t matter how dry your ‘vagina’ is or was

At least you got Meryl Streep to cry in five different accents LOL

For sanity’s sake I hope they are better dressed at the other side!

Way to go my fashion police legend!

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