Breaking Sweat

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It’s been a very quiet and peaceful time at home for a while now since I took the kids to my parents for the holiday, giving hubby and I a chance to relive the times when it was just the two of us and wow! we were really having a nice time! No need to censor your choice of words or what to see on TV. No children present, to interfere with affection and intimate conversation, two very vital needs in marriage. Besides, affection and intimate conversation usually lead to lovemaking, and yes we have been slacking lately.

Now I have a clear understanding of how many parents before me felt. I am very certain that just like me; they never thought that having children will instantly change how we define ourselves. Women become mothers, Men become fathers. Couples become parents. Our main concerns shifts in many major ways.  Don’t get me wrong for though parenting may be the most rewarding experience, it is also the stiffest and most humbling.

Something amazing happened the very first night they were away I had abruptly woken up thinking it’s time to get up and get them ready for school and then i remembered they were not around, the huge relief I felt when i squinted over at the alarm clock and realized i still have 2 more hours to sleep was priceless.  A warm euphoric feeling shot through my body as i glided gracefully back to my dreams with a big beautiful smile.

Who could have guessed that the living room sofa was this comfortable I looked at hubby sleeping peacefully on the couch, he really needed this sleep especially since our evenings are now very eventful. Having sex on the bed is relaxing, comfortable and perfect. But since we have the house to ourselves, we’ve been taking it round the house.  It seemed like ages since we had such luxury. Finally, a chance to enjoy it all.

So you can all imagine my displeasure and panic when my Dad called to say he was feeling a bit sick, my initial reaction would have been oh! What’s wrong but that was not the case especially since Ebola came to Nigeria. Many thoughts rushed through at once I asked him what symptoms he was feeling and goggle it against that of Ebola.
Dad I screamed over the phone, can you hear me?
Do you have headache?
Are you dizzy?
Do you feel like throwing up? and before he could  give me any answer, EBOLA  literally flew out of my mouth before my brain could even check it, and i was not even sorry, even though I should’ve been.

My last words to him were Dad please go to your room quickly and lock the door, I will get the family doctor to see you. I speed dialled my children’s nanny and told her to sanitizer herself and the kids and to stay away from my Dad: I repeat stay away from him until I get there.

I called the doctor and told him we had an emergency and that I was coming to get him. I raced as fast as I could all the while hoping, that it was not nothing serious. In all this rush I forgot to call my hubby so I was very surprised when he called me asking me where I was. I quickly narrated everything to him but instead of calming me down; he told me to hurry up and reminded me that my Dad went through the same airport two days after P.Sawyer the man that imported the EVD came into the country. A fact that fuelled this whole thought in the first place.

Like the cold breath of a grave, his words seemed to cut my very soul. I was strickened into silence. An uncomfortable premonition of fear pervaded my senses.  I immediately started blinking sweat from my eyes. My heart almost stopped beating I could not decide whether to still get the doctor or go get the children first, the torture of my indecision and fear threatened to crush me. i just had to pull over and catch my breath.

After I calmed down, i tried calling my mum but I could not reach her, then I called my hubby back but his phone was switched off. There and then I decided to do the needful and pray. I reminded God of how painful and long my labour was, having those babies were the highlights of my life and I’m sure I will die if anything happened to them. Sadly I didn’t mention my Dad! Yeah shame on me right! Well, at least I made it to my parents’ house in one piece.

As I rang the doorbell, I was overcome by a distressing emotion aroused by the impending thoughts of Ebola and how it cannot be cured. Immediately I heard the key turn from the other side of the door, for reasons that are still unclear to me, I started crying, real hard. Imagine my disbelief when the door opened and I went inside to meet a full house and an echo of SURPRISE!!! from everyone.

I could see my mum, my sisters and Hubby all very pleased with themselves I acknowledged their congratulations and scanned around for my children. Imagine the sight when I saw my Dad blowing up balloons with the kids.  I froze as the obvious became clear it is my Birthday and I have been pranked not just from my family but by my own fears.
My Defence: The EVD plague has taken over our senses. The fact that everyone I see walk around with a bottle of sanitizer makes it even more dreadful.

Lessons learnt: when you ask a question, please wait for an answer before you jump to a conclusion

PS: it turned out to be the best birthday ever!

(Courtesy P. Sawyer and the dreaded EVD).

End note: my heart goes out to the families that have lost loved ones to this dreaded virus.

I might have experienced your fears briefly but I doubt I could have lived through it.

My sincere condolences!!!


Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!