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Two days back I went to collect my dad’s test result from the hospital. On my way to the laboratory, I passed the maternity ward. On approaching there, I heard familiar shouts, I need no soothsayer to tell me what it was because not too long ago, I went through that ordeal myself. You see labour pain though very unique to women is experienced in many different ways- for pain during labour is different for every woman.

Mine was a whole lot of drama. I remember when my water broke and silly me, I thought the water will flush the baby out in a jiffy. I woke hubby up and we excitedly rushed to the hospital, after about four hours of nothing, I was settled in a room and administered a drug to induce labour.

Not long after that, I started feeling sharp pains that words cannot describe. I shouted for the nurse but was told to breathe easy as I was not “ready yet.”

While I was at that, two pregnant women casually strolled in and in the blink of an eye; they were taken to the delivery room to have their babies. To say I was shocked beyond words is just me being modest. How on earth did they pop out their babies without experiencing half the pains I felt? To make matters worse, they even sympathized with me while I was shouting the roof off!

After three long hours of strong agonizing cramps in my abdomen, thighs, back and an achy feeling…. with no progress, I was irritated and fed up. Everything I learnt in prenatal class became history.

Suddenly, the hospital looked different- like a mad house. I guess I was disoriented because the floors started moving beneath my feet and the walls looked like mirrors, distorting my image. Before I knew it, I removed my garment and stormed out of the room into the main ward with all my goods on display.

The nurses ran after me but I was past caring. I knew I was a little crazy before now but the speed from which I went from insane to mental and full blown madness in split seconds should be a subject of academic investigation and research!*No kidding*

I saw hubby standing rooted to the ground, hands in the air, confusion all over his face. I became more furious, I could not fathom his confusion.

After all, he was the culprit; he put me in this situation.

I was determined to get out of that hospital. I was oblivious to the chaos I was causing. I reckon hospitals were supposed to make you feel better but that wasn’t my experience- my pain grew worse by the minute.

I almost made it to the door when I saw my mum and sisters. Mum quickly removed her head tie and covered me up still I was relentless.

I shouted at her to let me be and also accused her of being a bad mother. Why? She never told me this part at least I should have had the choice to choose if I wanted to be a mother. She paid me no mind and instead held me tighter all the while whispering in my native tongue, “Ndo, Jisike it’s going to be alright” but all that fell on deaf ears.

I immediately turned to my sisters and cussed at them. Liars! I shouted. You are all liars; they often told me:“Chi! Pregnancy suits you” News flash! It doesn’t and I am not compatible with pain or any discomfort of this kind. I broke down in tears as they took me back to the ward.

My mum did her best to calm me down. She told me that if she could do it many times over, then I can do it also even if it’s just this once.

Seeing her there with me and knowing she went through this many times, gave me hope; besides, just this once didn’t seem like a bad bargain.

As the pain of each contraction set in, I squeezed her hand, closed my eyes and shouted a prayer between gritted teeth hoping the heavens and the trinity would see me through.

I promised God a lot that day, including that I will never let hubby whom at this point I referred to as “that man” touch me ever again. I could hear the nurses giggling and I knew for sure that they probably have heard such prayers or lies many times before then. I don’t blame them!

Hours later, as my baby crowned, I felt the urge to push and was immediately rushed to the delivery room. The most amazing thing happened to me as I pushed my baby out. I felt like a “brick” was taken off me and like a gentle breeze, all the pain ceased, along with it, the hate and animosity.

The feeling swept through me with wonder and awe.

Hubby’s face was chock-full with smiles as he cut the umbilical cord on our baby and the love I had for him came rushing back like a tidal wave right back at me.

Another look at my little Angel and my heart was filled with gratitude, for though he was in my tummy for a moment; he will always be in my heart forever. -Small as an evening sun, he has taught me some of life’s greatest lesson-“Patience and Perseverance.”

As I journeyed through motherhood for the second and third time,*winks* yes I did, I have come to believe, that experience made it a lot easier and bearable and over the years, I can say I’m almost an expert!

As Chris Jordan once said, your children will make you find beauty in places you haven’t noticed and in things that have become mundane to you. Whether it is the weeds in the garden, the drawings on the side of a building, or the way the sunlight streams through the clouds. Seeing things through their eyes can change your perspective.

A toast to all mothers out there- you are wonderful.

Special thanks to my mum for the care, warmth and her ever abiding dedication.

Hope you won’t forget how special you are!

Though life sometimes is inconvenient, unexpected, unplanned, unscripted, and messy, yet when I see those tiny little mouths that call me mummy, my  life becomes oh – so beautiful!

I will love you all to the moon and back.

I will also love you all to the sun and remain there.

Yes, that’s how much heat I will take on for your sakes.

Love you now and always.

Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!