A Walk on the Wild Side

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I always love how every walk Hubby and I take turns out different… even if it is the same road, with the same turns, and the same view. The new experiences we encounter together on our walks encourages and benefits our marriage and that was the goal when I set out for a fun walk with hubby after a long break besides it was a great way to catch up especially since we both work outside the house now. It started out really nice with him asking how my day went and what I did at work.

I quickly recounted the events that made my day and moved to other things making waves in our lives and before I knew it, we found ourselves quarrelling and really shouting at each other. I walked faster and he followed suit.

He was pointing at me and I was pointing back, people stared at us but I guess we were too blinded with anger to even notice.  Thank heavens it was quiet dark and they could not see our faces or so I hoped.

I ran back home when I could not stand him anymore and made straight to the bathroom ,still not done with my outburst I took to FB and posted,

For two pple who have not exercised for a while,

we did let off a whole lotta of steam. Phew!

*ended up with a sore throat *

Little did I know that my statement was so gravid, any fecund mind can interpret it to just about anything…….. by the time I got out of the shower and checked my phone, I got comments that made me forget about my anger, I was laughing out loud when hubby made it home and instead of meeting a very angry person, he was shocked. He stood there looking at me and then blurted out are you high on something? I laughed that out as well and told him to check his FB because I had tagged him.

These were some of the comments:

SLY offers you both  INSANITY DVD* runs away…

July 5 at 8:23pm · Like

Vivian Belford Lol. Next time I’m jogging in total silence so help me God!

July 5 at 8:25pm · Like

Chibyke U know….this can be interpreted in solo many ways…lemme just peem SMH!

July 5 at 8:30pm . Like

Vina : hmmm was going to offer some KYJ but I guess you guys are okay *Winks* but you can have a thai hot tea later for the sore throat!  heard its really good especially after eating erection lol

July 5 at 8:31pm. Like

Sly: Vina carry your dirty mind commot here *pleads the blood of jesus* Bangs the door and walks away

July 5 at 8:34pm · Like

Vivian Belford @ chybkye, lwkmh but what are we without Imaginations? Enjoy! @Vina  I guess you  been there ,done that *tongue out*

July 5 at 8:54pm · Like

Vina and moved on lol hope you guys had a very good exercise next time,go easy with the mouth Sha!  It’s not a competition *runs away*have you tried the thai tea yet lol

July 5 at 8:56pm

Vivian Belford @Sly even Jesus in a bottle cleans everything except dirty minds and nosy neighbor lol @ Vina Omg! you do paint a very wild picture!

July 5 at 8:58pm · Like

Sly hahaha  @Chbyke  @ Vina you guys pack the two features. Dirty Minds and Nosy Neighbours lol

July 5 at 9:00pm · Like

Vivian Belford @chbyke @ Vina Daris God o na only una waka come take all these award chai!

July 5 at 9:02pm • Like

Chbyke Lol@ Sly…wetin I talk? Na u wey don dey tink go one side. Whose mind is dirty now?

July 5 at 9:08pm · Like

Sly@ Chbyke You know…your statement is so pregnant that any fertile mind would get to where you pushed it to…You be hypnotist lol @Vina I have no words for you

July 5 at 9:15pm. Like lol

And just as I was about hitting the sack, hubby came out of the bathroom with the towel around his waist. I watched  him as he picked his phone and scrolled through, after a while he let out this huge laugh, shook his head and then grabbed me from behind , facing him now he looked at me and said you can’t afford to disappoint your FB friends we better end this thing with a nice bang! YES?

Vivian Belford is a lover of God and all the good things life can offer, a girly girl who believes in having fun with whatever she does. She is currently starring in her own reality show titled, Living and Dying With a Smile! Her Mantra: *Put on some lip gloss,pour yourself a drink, sit back and have a really good laugh!* The world is one big comedy afterall!!!!